How to download – Tutorial

At the outset, I wanted to point out that creating mods / generators requires a lot of hours hard works. Breaking the creators’ security and frequent updates to keep the mod alive costs money. That’s why I need a fee for my work.

After clicking the download / generate button, you will likely be prompted for verification. Choose one of these offers, you can check out a few and see which one suits you. You have several offers to choose from – sending a text message, downloading and playing a game. There are also regular questionnaires you must complete.

After selecting one you will be taken to the offer. Please follow the instructions and fill in your real details, otherwise you may not be forwarded and may not receive in-game currency. This is an example offer.

If you filled in with real data, your in-game currency will be added or the file will be ready for download. In case of any problems, try another offer. Sometimes it takes two completed offers for verification to pass.